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I get it. You're busy. The daily grind can be relentless. People need you. And you need to get a whole lot of things done. There’s no time to rest and you don’t have the energy to keep up with your never-ending to-do list. Naturally, you reach for caffeine and sugar to get you through the day. You’re in survival mode, just trying to keep up. 

But what if I told you that your days could be different? That you could have the energy you need to not just get through each day, but to find your true purpose and mission in life? 

My mission is to improve the health and lives of women, like you. I want to see you thrive and carrying out your true purpose. How you feel is a direct reflection of what you put in your body. Most of us know this, but when we are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, it is hard to make the best choices. This is where I can help. 

Research has proven time and again that quick fixes and diets don’t work for the long run. But with my 21-day program, I will empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to create healthy diet and lifestyle habits that are sustainable. 

The Nourishing Detox Program is not about restricting. It does involve avoiding foods that tend to dominate our diets when we are stressed and tired (e.g. sugar, dairy, gluten and caffeine), but it’s really about becoming in tune with your body. Applying my 15+ years of education and experience studying and working with the human body, I will teach you the most important things you need to know about yours. We'll go beyond what a standard 10-day detox will provide and learn about digestion, chronic disease prevention, immunity and the adrenal glands. I'll equip you with practical and actionable tips that are easy to incorporate into your life right away. 

This isn't a quick fix or the latest fad diet. It's a food and lifestyle reset that will teach you about your body and how to nourish it with good food, while nurturing it with love and respect. The end result? More energy, better sleep, a more stable mood, and an overall better sense of wellbeing. 

Ready for a restart? Let’s do this!

Classic Detox & Enhanced Detox options include: 

30+ Pages of Detox Materials, Shopping List, Recipes, Meal Plans and More!

Access to Private Facebook Group for Solidarity and Community

Lifetime Access to 4 Weekly Live Webinars (scroll down for webinar details)


Classic Detox

Detox Manual, Private Facebook Group Access & Weekly Webinars

1 x 15 min Goal Setting Session + 1 x 15 min Debrief Session with Dr Wright (either in-office or over the phone)

$179* ($279 Value)

*Plus the cost of food. 


Enhanced Detox

Detox Manual, Private Facebook Group Access & Weekly Webinars

1 x 60 min Health Assessment & Goal Setting Session* + 1 x 30 min Post Detox Debrief Session* (both in-office)

Individualize the Program by adding a Customized Blend of Botanicals and/or Nutraceuticals for More Significant Results     

$ 329** ($429 Value)

*Cost of Visits qualify for reimbursement from health insurance providers. **Plus the cost of food and supplements. 

What do past participants have to say? 

I did my first spring cleanse 2 years ago with Shivaune and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health!
I won’t lie, the first few days were tough as my body reacted to missing the sugar and caffeine, and I don’t even drink coffee, but after that the overall change was incredible! Not only did I feel better internally, I slept better, I had more energy and generally was happier. Shivaune was extremely supportive and the experience changed my life and health for the better.
— J. Torres
The detox program changed my eating habits and lifestyle dramatically. I have never felt healthier and stronger. I still incorporate the recipes daily and am so grateful for Shivaune’s guidance and knowledge.
— Amanda W.
Shivaune’s detox program was the kickstart I needed to regain control over my eating habits. It’s much easier to break bad habits and introduce good ones with Shivaune’s guidance and the support of our group. I would never have been able to do it alone!
— Adrienne G.
Reluctantly I committed to a 3 week detox program run by Shivaune, my daughter, a few years ago. I was not convinced I needed it and didn’t really want to sacrifice my comfortable eating habits. Let’s just say, I didn’t enter into it graciously.
Once over the initial hump, with appropriately clean food in the fridge, I figured ok, let’s give this a fair shot. With Shivaune’s support & knowledge I discovered a new batch of clean recipes that are both delicious and satisfying, some of which are still in regular rotation. I never felt hungry. I lost weight, felt lighter and had more energy. More importantly, it helped “reset” some less than ideal eating habits which tend to slide off the rails. I now believe it’s something we should all do, once or twice a year.
Definitely a worthwhile investment in ones health and wellbeing.
— Fiona W.

Weekly Webinar Details

Each week, we'll delve into a different area of health in order to learn the keys to living a healthy and balanced life. Webinars will take place live on the private Facebook page and will be available for future viewing. Follow along with the group or watch at your own pace, all without leaving the house.  

Tuesday May 8th, 8pm EST

Why We Detox

Detox Preparation, Planning & Strategies

Detox Trends Explained

How to Detox Safely and Effectively


Tuesday May 15th, 8pm EST

The Dirt on Digestion

Demystifying terms like "the Microbiome" and "Leaky Gut"

Digestion & Immune System 

The Connection between the Gut & Mental Health

Tips and Tricks for Digestive Bliss


Tuesday May 22nd, 8pm EST

All Hail the Immune System   

Cold and Flu tips to keep you and your family healthy   

Beyond the Common Cold: Cancer, Autoimmunity & Digestive Health   


Tuesday May 29th, 8pm EST

  The Small But MIGHTY Adrenal Glands – what on earth are they and why do we care about them?

Signs of Adrenal Fatigue and How to Heal

Adrenal Health & Menopause

Beyond Self Care & Down with Mom Guilt